The First Japanese Dual Language Program at PS 147 in Brooklyn

I visited NYC’s first Japanese dual language program and it was an amazing experience. The program is hosted by PS 147 The Isaac Remsen School in Brooklyn (Bushwick). I met with Sandie Noyola, Principal of PS 147, who is a passionate school leader who can move mountains.

I was impressed by the diversity in the Japanese dual language program, and visited the school’s Pre-K class which was preparing kids for the Japanese dual language program in Kindergarten. Kids start writing in Japanese in pre-K, the alphabet is printed on each table, and the program even uses a smart way to teach math (see picture below). On top of that, the school has its own hydroponic lab and grows sustainable basil, tomatoes, and more.

I also met the “Magic 5” who got the idea for the Japanese program off the ground. They represent different nationalities – Taiwanese, Chinese, Korean, Swiss, American, and Japanese – and share the same passion for raising their kids multilingual. Congrats to you, Monica Müller, Yuli Fisher, Hee Jin Kang, Yumi Miki, and Lanny Cheuck.


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