Arabic Dual Language Program at PS 30 in Brooklyn

I was thrilled to visit the Arabic dual language program at PS 30 Mary White Ovington School in Brooklyn, and I was very impressed by the school leadership team as well as the dual language program’s team who are doing an amazing job. The program is now in K, 1st and 2nd grade, and it will keep on growing.

I met with Principal Heeraman and her teachers, and was even able to exchange with the great Dr. Myrian Met, who was there that day to train the teachers. I visited a few classrooms and was able to hear the students converse in both languages, whether they were native speakers of Arabic or not. I was impressed by two students – one spoke Korean at home and the other Russian – who had become fluent in the Arabic language. Amazing work, amazing team. I wish to see more programs like this one in the future.

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