Upcoming Book Talk at the European Commission’s EPALE Conference

In this conversation, Dr. Fabrice Jaumont will delve deeper into the topics of bilingualism, bilingual education, and cognitive development. He will also discuss his books Conversations on Bilingualism and The Bilingual Revolution: The Future of Education is in Two Languages, which expand on the work of the author to advance multilingualism, empower multilingual families and linguistic communities, and foster cross-cultural understanding.

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Night of Ideas: Where are we going?

Where are we going?
Hopefully, we are going away from monolingualism and onward to establishing language as a critical life skill, through developing and implementing bilingual education programs, promoting diversity, reducing inequality, and helping to provide quality education. For that, we need to protect world cultural heritage and support teachers, authors, and families by providing the necessary knowledge and resources to create vibrant multilingual communities. #nightofideas

New book: French All Around Us – March 20, 2022

New book is out for Francophonie Day! Sortie de ce nouveau livre pour la journée de célébration mondiale de la Francophonie.

Bravo à ma co-éditrice, Kathleen Stein-Smith, et aux auteurs : Mélissa Baril, Timothy Beaulieu, Elizabeth Blood, David Cheramie, Melody Desjardins, Anthony DesRois, Joseph Dunn, Georgie Ferguson, Katharine Harrington, Marine Havel, Marguerite Justus, Emmanuel Kayembe, Etienne Kouakou, Mark Labine, Ben Levine, Julia Schulz, Jesse Martineau, Monique Cairns, Jean Mirvil, Jerry Parker, Robert Perreault, Scott Tilton, Agnès Tounkara, David Vermette.

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Language Advocacy Days 2022

Language Advocacy virtual meetings on Capitol Hill with the office of Senator Chuck Schumer, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Rep. Carolyn Maloney, and many others, to support World Language Advancement, Heritage & Bilingual Education, the Seal of Biliteracy, Access & Equity in International Education, and Native American Languages, as part of Joint National Committee for Languages-National Council for Languages and International Studies (JNCL-NCLIS) Language Advocacy Days 2022.

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Upcoming Webinar – February 24

S’AFFICHER EN FRANÇAIS, UNE OCCASION D’AFFAIRES? 💻💬 Participez à cette étude de cas animée par Isabelle Ménard, animatrice à ICI Ontario, Radio-Canada. Échangez avec deux intervenants engagés : Fabrice Jaumont (Center for the Advancement of Languages, Education, and Communities – CALEC) et Mahamadou Sidibé de l’Assemblée de la francophonie de l’Ontario!

Vous avez jusqu’au 7 février pour vous inscrire, faites vite! ⬇


Afrique contemporaine

Merci Charles Sellen pour cette excellente recension de Partenaires inégaux. A lire sur Afrique contemporaine, la revue de l’Afrique et du développement. Lien vers la publication en page HTML (avec onglet de téléchargement PDF gratuit) : https://www.cairn.info/revue-afrique-contemporaine-2020-1-page-313.htm Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme (FMSH) | Cairn.info | Agence Française de Développement | Groupe De Boeck SA

Furthering the Bilingual Revolution on Capitol Hill!

Joining the Joint National Committee on Languages and the National Council for Languages and International Affairs (JNCL-NCLIS) is an important step to further the Bilingual Revolution on Capitol Hill and share our voice at the highest level of the United States of America. JNCL-NCLIS unites a national network of leading organizations and businesses comprised of over 300,000 language professionals to advocate for equitable language learning opportunities.Together we can promote multilingualism, empower multilingual families and linguistic communities, and foster cross-cultural understanding while establishing language as a critical life skill, through developing and implementing strong education programs, promoting diversity, and reducing inequality.

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