Building Bridges: Brooklyn’s First Korean Dual Language Program Initiative

Last Saturday, I met with a group of parents willing to create Brooklyn’s first Korean dual language program. I was thrilled to share some ideas with this group as well as help them understand what steps to follow in order to create a Korean dual language program in a local public school – Brooklyn’s first. The meeting was hosted by Korean American community leader and film maker Nari Kye who is determined to make this program come to life.

Korean American Community Education Council for District 15 member Kathy Park Price was invited to attend the meeting by Ms. Kye and by Jean Lee, director of Brooklyn Korean School.

There is one Korean dual language program already in existence at P.S. 32 in Flushing, Queens. But it is clear that more programs are needed. A recent push by Assemblymen Ron Kim and Edward Braunstein was featured in the news. A number of Korean community leaders are also joining the movement.

In my remarks, I explained why more and more New York City schools are prioritizing multilingual education, and shared effective strategies for persuading New York City Department of Education school leaders that language programs, like a Korean dual language program, help the students, the school, the city and beyond.

For more information on this group, contact

2 thoughts on “Building Bridges: Brooklyn’s First Korean Dual Language Program Initiative

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