The Bilingual Revolution reviewed by The Epoch Times

Here is a recent review of my book, The Bilingual Revolution, The Future of Education is in Two Languages, written by Frederic Colier for The Epoch Times’ Books du Jour column, alongside Tides, by Jonathan White, Say Bonjour to the Lady: Parenting From Paris to New York, by Florence Mars and Pauline Lévêque, and Never Out of Season by Rob Dunn.

Books on Tides, Bilingual Education, Crop Monocultures, and Rearing Children in French (or New York) Style
By Frederic Colier

Fabrice Jaumont’s book “The Bilingual Revolution” is about education and the teaching of foreign languages in the American school systems. […] It is also about cultures, ancestries, foreign roots, identities, and above all, how they manifest through languages. At its heart, this book is a love letter to the preservation of linguistic diversity.

You can read the article here.

The article was published in the The Epoch Times New York edition of January 5:

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