The first Polish dual language program at P.S. 34 in Brooklyn

This morning, I visited the Polish dual language program (DLP) at P.S. 34 Oliver H. Perry Elementary in Greenpoint, Brooklyn thanks to principal Carmen Asselta. In its first year, the school’s DLP showed impressive results, and inspiring dedication among teachers, staff, parents, and a school leader with a great appreciation for multilingual education.

Greenpoint – where I happen to live – has had a vibrant Polish community for decades, but no one had asked for a dual language program. No one until a group of first generation Polish parents got organized and requested a program at a public school.

Mrs. Czastkiewicz is the teacher of the Kindergarten class. Several staff members and volunteers with Polish heritage often come and help the class. You can see bilingual signs everywhere in the classroom.

I also had the chance to discover the work done by the children during a workshop with Polish artist Piotr Perski. 

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