Graduation Ceremony for P.S.58 and P.S. 84 students at the French Embassy in New York

Today we celebrated the 5th grade graduates of P.S. 58 and P.S. 84’s French dual language programs at the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in New York. What an emotional graduation! Congratulations to all the 5th grade students!

P.S. 58 the Caroll School in Brooklyn introduced a Dual Language French/English program in 2007, which began with a Kindergarten class of 24 students.  The program has grown to include two classes in all grades from Kindergarten to Fifth Grade.

P.S. 84 The Lillian Weber School of The Arts (Upper West Side, Manhattan) provides a French-English Dual Language program in which all curriculums are taught in French on Tuesdays, Thursdays and for half the day on Fridays, with English instruction the other days. It starts in Kindergarten and continues through Fifth Grade.

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