I was recently interviewed by François Grosjean, world-renowned psycholinguist and expert on bilingualism who also writes for Psychology Today. In 2015, I had the pleasure of hosting a talk with Professor Grosjean in New York during which we discussed what life as a bilingual was about. This time, François Grosjean asked me a few questions about my new book The Bilingual Revolution and about the role of parents in creating dual-language programs in schools.

Parents Who Fight for Bilingual Education
Creating dual-language programs from the bottom up.

Interview conducted by François Grosjean for Psychology Today

Many of those interested in bilingual education in the United States have been observing the New York area. There, groups of parents working with teachers and school officials  have helped found dual-language programs in the public school system. How did they go about it? What were the challenges they had to face? How did they obtain the support they needed? What were the problems they had to solve? Dr. Fabrice Jaumont played a leadership role in this grassroots movement and he has just written a book about it. The Bilingual Revolution (see here) describes what happened and gives the necessary ingredients for those who plan to start such a program. He has kindly accepted to answer a few of our questions and we thank him wholeheartedly.

Read the full interview in Psychology Today here.

Watch my 2015 Conversation with François Grosjean  here.

My book The Bilingual Revolution, the Future of Education is in Two Languages is available on tbr-books or you can ask your bookstore to order it for you!

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