“Parents Are Driving Bilingualism in the United States,” my interview in France-Amérique

You can read my interview in the recent issue of bilingual magazine France-Amérique: “Parents Are Driving Bilingualism in the United States,” alongside their U.S. school guide (Guide des Écoles). I speak about bilingual education, and  the multiplication of dual-language programs in the United States.
Interview is available in English and in French – of course!

“Fabrice Jaumont has a vision. By the year 2050, the Education Attaché at the French Embassy in New York hopes to have introduced a dual-language program into every school in America.

Utah already has one in five schools organized in this way, and French is one of the languages of choice. In fact, with more than 160 bilingual options in 28 states, French has become the second most popular language in the U.S.A. But there are still not enough dual-language programs to cater for the 250,000-300,000 Francophone children in the country. In his work, The Bilingual Revolution: The Future of Education is in Two Languages, published on September 5, 2017, Fabrice Jaumont encourages students’ parents to petition their local authorities, approach schools, and create dual-language programs in their neighborhoods. It seems the “bilingual revolution” will be fought by families.”

You can read the article here.

The article in French, “Les parents, ces entrepreneurs du bilinguisme” is available here.

>> The Bilingual Revolution by Fabrice Jaumont is available for purchase (worldwide delivery) on tbr-book.com in various formats: paperback, hardcover, ebook and audiobook.

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