“Mapping the resurgence of French in North America” – My interview for Language Magazine

I was recently interviewed by Language magazine for an article about the resurgence of French in North America, La Renaissance (published in the May 2013 edition). I had the opportunity to speak about the development of French dual language programs in New York, and in the United States.Here a some excerpts:

Fabrice Jaumont, who runs the wildly-popular blog New York in French, has been astounded by the growth of French programs in the Big Apple. “By next September, eight public schools will offer dual-language or immersion in French in NYC. That for me is the sign of the bilingual revolution that I speak about.

The advantage of being bilingual, of living with two languages, is now receiving world-wide attention. It is no longer taboo to be raised bilingual or multilingual. I believe that it is the best gift that parents can give to their children.

I see an increase in interest for bilingual/immersion programs in French, as well as for early language acquisition. This trend is spreading throughout the nation. I get calls each week asking for advice on starting a French bilingual program somewhere. I received a call from someone in Alaska who is working on creating a bilingual school. I spoke to the Houmas in Louisiana, a Native American tribe who live in the bayous. Several groups in Maine are trying to revive French. It goes on and on.

Read the full article here.

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