“Astoria Mom Looks to Start French Dual-Language Program in Queens” on DNA Info

The dual language program initiative in Astoria, Queens is featured in this article by DNAInfo New York. Local moms are trying to open a French dual language program in a public school in Astoria.

Families who want to get in touch with Diana Limongi, featured in the article,  can e-mail her at duallanguage.astoria@gmail.com.

Coming from a Spanish-speaking household in Queens, Diana Limongi said it wasn’t until she became a mother that she appreciated the benefits of being raised bilingual.

“Growing up, I didn’t want to speak Spanish,” said the 31-year-old Astoria mom, who went on to study French in college and is now trilingual. “Now, I’m thankful that they forced me to speak Spanish. I’m fluent, and it’s absolutely helped me.”


Limongi, a clinic administrator at NYU Law School, wants the same for her 2-year-old son Enzo. She and her husband, an accounts manager for a communications agency who is a native of France, are raising the youngster to speak Spanish, English and French. But when the couple started looking at nearby public schools, Limongi noticed there weren’t any in Queens that catered specifically to Francophones. Now, she’s trying to gain support from fellow local moms to bring a French dual-language program to one of the Astoria’s public schools…

Read the entire article by Jeanmarie Evelly here.

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