A Bilingual Revolution is Underway, an Article for the Goethe-Institut USA

I recently wrote an article for the Goethe-Institut USA online magazine: “A Bilingual Revolution is Underway” (also available in German “Die Revolution der Zweisprachigkeit“).

“As our world becomes more connected through technology, global competitiveness expands. Familiarity with multiple languages and cultures gives individuals a competitive edge. Multilingual skills provide pervasive opportunities, particularly as successful careers require international communication, which is essential for our children to compete in the workplace. Several states have recently recognized the economic advantages of a multilingual workforce. Businesses understand that the current demands of international trade require this proficiency, particularly for states that are geographically isolated from vital economic centers. In this light, the ultimate goal for schools should be to educate the next generation to function in a global economy. “

Read the full article online here:

To read the article in German, “Die Revolution der Zweisprachigkeit”:

2 thoughts on “A Bilingual Revolution is Underway, an Article for the Goethe-Institut USA

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