First Bilingual Education Fair of New York

French Morning launched the first Bilingual Education Fair of New York in partnership with Hunter College, The French American Foundation and the French Embassy on October 11, 2014.

Bilingual education is booming! More and more parents understand the benefits of a bilingual education for their children. More and more options are now available all over the city, in both private and public education. The Bilingual Education Fair of NY was the premier event for all interested in this movement that’s changing the face of so many schools in the city and the country.

It was a great way for parents to meet all the actors of the bilingual education community in a single space with more than 70 exhibitors (schools, publishers, education businesses, etc.) who all practice and promote bilingual education in all languages (French, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, German, etc.).

I presented a panel “How to Create a Dual Language Program in your Public School” with Maria Kot (Russian), Marcello Lucchetta (Italian), Yuli Fisher (Japanese), and Virgil de Voldere (French).


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