2014 Dual Language Teaching Scholars

The first French-English dual language program began in Brooklyn in 2007 with some very smart and committed parents, an extremely supportive principal, and an exceptional teacher. The dual language programs (DLP) are founded on an innovative pedagogy which offers students a rare and dynamic hybrid way to learn! The programs serve French-speaking and non-French speaking students in the same classroom and foster multicultural understanding and intellectual curiosity. As of September 2014, we will grow to serve over 1,300 students throughout New York City, in 10 schools from pre-K to 7th grade. But there is work to be done as there are 22,000 French speaking children in the city. Today we have more than 50 teachers but simply put, we need more.

Finding talented and qualified teachers is difficult. But it is the key to our success. Supporting teacher training and growth will have a direct impact on the expansion of the French-English dual language programs in New York.

The French Embassy and French-American Cultural Exchange have partnered with the Societe des Professeurs Francais et Francophone d’Amerique to offer an annual scholarship to future bilingual teachers. This program encourages exceptional students to embrace the teaching profession and to become teachers in one of the city’s French dual language programs.


Teaching scholars Louise Connolly, Tanya De Noon, Tara Meiners, Ashod Kassabian (Armen Kassabian’ father); Kimberly Ilardi; Malika Jolie White; Anne Berthelot, President of the SPFFA; Antonin Baudry, Cultural Counselor, Embassy of France; Fabrice Jaumont

Each award was given in memory of someone who contributed to education, the French language and community.

– Louise Connolly received a $5,000 Scholarship in memory of Anne Benoit, teacher of French, board member of American Association of Teachers of French
– Tanya De Noon received a $5,000 Scholarship in memory of Philip Watts, Professor of French, Columbia University
– Tara Meiners received a $5,000 Scholarship in memory of Claire Goyer, President, Diversite Linguistique et Langue Française – Bruxelles-Europe, grandmother of DLP children in Brooklyn
–  Armen Kassabian received a $5,000 Scholarship in memory of Philippe Bonnefis, Asa G. Candler Professor of French, Emory University
– Kimberly Ilardi received a $5,000 Scholarship in memory of Joan Dimancescu, former principal International School of Boston; board member, French Heritage Language Program
– Malika Jolie White received a $5,000 Scholarship in memory of Jean-Paul Picot, owner, la Bonne Soupe, long-time supporter of education and the French community.

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