“In Germany, the future is bilingual” – an article by Deutsche Welle

Here is a great article about bilingual schools in Germany by Deutsche Welle (DW), Germany’s international broadcaster.  Those programs helps students learn a language and integrate better into the German society. Now Germany has over 600 schools that offer some form of bilingual education and 150 at primary levels.

Germany has over 150 bilingual primary schools, teaching children from non-German backgrounds in their mother tongue. But German students also benefit from a bilingual education.

Children in their first year of school are practicing their singing in a bilingual school in Cologne.

“Una gotita desde el cielo ha bajado hasta el suelo,” (a drop has fallen from the sky to the ground) is a Spanish song they’re trying to perfect.

Teacher Sandra de Nieto de Diego heaps praise on the students, encouraging them by making their bilingual education enjoyable through music.

“The Spanish-speaking kids help the German-speaking kids understand the lyrics,” she says. Most of the children in the school have at least one parent from a Spanish-speaking country.

The article is available to read here (in English).

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