Entre Dos Podcast Features the Bilingual Revolution

I was invited to speak on Entre Dos, a podcast created by Monika Leal and Paula Niño Kehr, both native Spanish speakers raising bilingual daughters. Each week, they bring stories of real families, conversations with experts, important research and resources to inspire and help their readers raise their bilingual child.

Dual language education can be a good way to both sustain a cultural heritage and acquire a second language. But if you’ve spent any time looking into these programs, you may have found that they are not easy to get into or they simply don’t exist where you live. – Entre Dos Podcast

In this week’s Entre Dos episode, I talk about the evolution of dual language education and the role of parents in creating change, which I detail in my book “The Bilingual Revolution,” now available in Spanish: “La revolución bilingüe: El futuro de la educación está en dos idiomas.”

The Bilingual Revolution Part I (25:49 min) – Entre Dos

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