San Francisco Is Ready for Its Bilingual Revolution!

Over the weekend, I was thrilled to present my book The Bilingual Revolution: The Future of Education is in Two Languages, in no less than three venues in San Francisco. I met a number of bilingual revolutionaries and we discussed dual-language program development with great passion!


Two events were organized by Amigos Internationales For Multilingualism, a group of parents, educators and advocates who aims to create San Francisco’s first Spanish-French-English immersion program.

I also took part in the Bilingual Fair which was beautifully organized by French Morning. I  presented my book and also moderated a panel on Dual Language Programs with Sophie Zugnoni, Cristina Melero and Schauleh Sahba, founders of Amigos Internationales For Multilingualism, Fernando Nuñez, Director of Multilingual Pathways in San Francisco, and Anne Lair and Georgia Geerlings representing dual-language programs in Utah.

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