Book Party at The Invisible Dog Art Center in Brooklyn

Back In Brooklyn where everything began! It was here that, 10 years ago, the first French dual language program was launched at P.S. 58. Many programs followed after that in French, Russian, Japanese, German, Italian, Chinese, Polish, Arabic. More programs and languages will be added in the years to come, I’m sure of that. I wanted the book to be directed towards parents, with the goal of providing accessible knowledge, guidance, and encouragement as they consider implementing a dual-language program in their community or school. In that spirit, the book provides a roadmap for parents willing to embark on such an initiative, along with suggested steps to follow, examples, and testimonies from parents and educators who have chosen a similar path.

Thank you all for joining me at The Bilingual Revolution book party! And special thanks to Lucien Zayan of The Invisible Dog, and Carl Héline and the team at Moët & Chandon and Hennessy!

▶️ The Bilingual Revolution, $19.99 >
▶️ La Révolution  bilingue, $19.99 >

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