“Leading the Bilingual Revolution” – My Interview for New York Transatlantic

I was interviewed early September by Lucía Seda for New York Translatlantic, Europe’s home away from home in New York City. With an editorial team from NYU’s Center for European and Mediterranean Studies, NYTA is a hybrid blog/online magazine that capture the variety and depth to “thinking Europe” that New York City supports. I spoke about my new book The Bilingual Revolution and the importance of learning a second language.

New York Transatlantic: You’ve been involved in education in various capacities: as a part-time teacher at the International School in Boston, an instructor at the United Nations Secretariat, a teacher trainer and school leader. Where did the interest in education first come from?

Fabrice Jaumont: I became a teacher by chance. First, I taught English in France and then I taught French in Ireland for two years. I came [to the United States] and became a school principal, again by chance. And this was in a bilingual school in Boston. So that made me understand the value of bilingual education, particularly when it’s done with a high-quality curriculum and good teachers. That school was a private school, but I also worked with public schools in Massachusetts and around New England and that’s how I thought ‘Well, maybe we should do more of these in public schools.’ I came [to New York] in 2001. I started to talk to parents and we thought ‘There’s not enough good bilingual programs in public schools. Let’s do that. Let’s create that.’

Read the full interview on New York Translatlantic.

My book The Bilingual Revolution, the Future of Education is in Two Languages is available on tbr-books or you can ask your bookstore to order it for you!

Also here is a direct link to buy the ebook with a special price!

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