What Will Your Ripple Be?

imageI participated in the 2018 FLENJ (Foreign Language Educators of New Jersey) Annual Conference in April. Their theme this year was: “What Will Your Ripple Be? Global Change Starts with You!” The two-day conference was about promoting world language proficiency, helping teacher practice and leadership, and more.

In addition to attending the conference, I was invited as a keynote speaker for the FLENJ Leadership Dinner on Friday April 13. Alongside FLENJ members and representatives of various organizations such as AATF, AATG, AATSP, and NNELL, I spoke about my idea for the future of education in two languages, and how it would ripple through our societies. To quote the great Gregg Roberts, monolingualism is the illiteracy of the 21st century, but parents can change the educational landscape of their communities by creating and supporting great bilingual programs.

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