Heritage Language Conference in Los Angeles

DWR7GcqU8AACHOk.jpg largeI was thrilled to take part in the Third International Conference on Heritage/Community Languages in Los Angeles (February 1617, 2018). The conference was organized by National Heritage Language Resource and focused on heritage and community language studies as a multi-disciplinary field. Papers, posters, and panels relevant to heritage language research and pedagogy were presented from the perspective of disciplines that include, but are not limited to, the following: anthropology, education, applied linguistics, linguistics, assessment, policy, bilingualism, psychology, demographics, sociology.

I presented in a panel with Jane Ross (New York University) and Maya Smith (University of Washington), and was honored to represent the FACE Foundation, which has hosted the French Heritage Language Program since 2005. Our talk, entitled “Multiculturalism and Multilingualism: Creative Teaching Techniques in the Heritage Language Classroom,” featured the French Heritage Language Program which has sought to address the needs of underserved French-speaking communities throughout the U.S. With the goal of “making French an asset for new Americans,” the FHLP creates a space where these students can construct their identities as multilingual speakers and learn the value of their various cultural backgrounds. You can download our PowerPoint presentation here: Ross_Smith_Jaumont_NHLRC18

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[video] Presentation of the Bilingual Revolution at the American Library in Paris

Last November, I presented my book The Bilingual Revolution and the importance of bilingual education at The American Library in Paris, an event co-organized with the Association of American Women in Europe. You can read about it here.

Below is the video of my talk, followed by a Q&A [in English]:

Video edited by Sabina Cristian.

Book Talk at the Alliance Française de Los Angeles

Lots of interest for The Bilingual Revolution in Los Angeles. I had a great exchange with the participants, and presented my vision for the future of education which calls for the creation of dual-language education programs in every city. I also met with several very active parents and educators who are working towards creating new dual-language programs in Los Angeles.




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[Parution] Partenaires inégaux. Fondations américaines et universités en Afrique

Communiqué de presse – Editions Maison des sciences de l’homme

Partenaires inégaux. Fondations américaines et universités en Afrique

Collection “le(bien)commun”
En vente en librairie à partir du 12 février 2018 ou en ligne www.lcdpu.fr
Isbn : 978-2-7351-2400-8 | 184 p. | 16 € Continue reading

The Bilingual Revolution at La Librairie des Enfants

Great exchange today at la Librairie des Enfants, a cute bookstore in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Parents and educators came in to chat about bilingualism, dual-language education, and The Bilingual Revolution. Among the languages represented we had Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, Kabyle, and English.


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[FR] Rencontre et dédicace à l’American Library in Paris

Aux États-Unis, on fait aussi la révolution ! De passage en France, j’ai pu présenter mon nouveau livre, La Révolution bilingue, à l’American Library in Paris. L’occasion de parler d’éducation bilingue et du développement constant des filières bilingues dans les écoles aux États-Unis. C’était ma première rencontre et dédicace en France, à Paris, en langue anglaise et, qui plus est, dans une institution américaine !

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The Bilingual Revolution at the American Library in Paris

Revolutions do come from the United States! I stopped by the American Library in Paris to present my new book, The Bilingual Revolution, and discuss bilingual education and the rise of dual language programs in the United States. This was my first book talk in France, and it was done in English and in an American institution!


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NYC Bilingual Fair and First Ich Bin Expat Fair

I was thrilled to take part in both NYC’s Bilingual Fair and the Ich Bin Expat Fair today. The first event was hosted by French Morning and Fordham University and gathered hundreds of exhibitors and participants from various linguistic communities.  The second event was hosted CityKinder, a New York-based group, and offered a multitude of opportunities to meet German businesses, schools, and community organizations. I was able to take part in several talks on bilingual education and share insights on the Bilingual Revolution while meeting with parents and educators from the Tri-State and beyond who shared the same desire to see more dual language programs open in schools everywhere.
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[FR] Critique de La Révolution bilingue par le blog Jeux 2 Langues

Merci à Isabelle Barth pour avoir publié une critique de mon livre  La Révolution bilingue, le futur de l’éducation s’écrit en deux langues sur son blog Jeux 2 Langues/Multilingual Cafe.

La Révolution bilingue est disponible en France, sur le site de tbr-books, d’Amazon et de la Fnac (en format ebook uniquement). Vous pouvez également demander à votre libraire de vous le commander ! Continue reading

Ofelia García’s speech for the launch of the French Dual Language Program

Buenas tardes Monsieur le Président, Madame Macron, Monsieur Blanquer and distinguished guests,

Au nom du Graduate Center de l’Université de la ville de New York, je vous souhaite la bienvenue dans notre institution, institution publique dédiée à la recherche doctorale.

The Graduate Center joins you today in celebrating support for bilingual programs in the United States. At the Graduate Center and throughout all of City University of New York we are committed to advancing research, policy and practices in bilingual education, and to multilingualism and diversity of all kinds. So it is especially fitting that we join you and the Embassy of France in announcing an education fund that will support Francophone communities in their quest to ensure that their children become and remain bilingual, and that in so doing, the gift of bilingualism is spread to others.

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