Want to Empower Multilingual Families and Linguistic Communities with a Book?

Too often researchers and educators have valuable knowledge to share with the world and lack the confidence to put down their ideas in a book. As someone who went through these steps, I can only encourage you to tell yourself “It’s possible and I can do it.” Publishing The Bilingual Revolution has opened so many doors to me, and brought so many rewarding exchanges with people over the world. If you have a how-to book in mind, a dissertation, an essay that can help families and communities around the world, consider this opportunity!

TBR Books currently has an open submissions policy for unrepresented authors. They will read and review un-agented manuscripts and proposals for non-fiction books and picture books that match their mission of “Empowering Multilingual Families and Linguistic Communities through Education, Knowledge, and Advocacy.”

You can read more about their guidelines here.