China Global Philanthropy Institute in Beijing

During my visit to Beijing for Philanthropy in Childhood Education in China: Trends and Perspectives conference, I was thrilled to learn more about China Global Philanthropy Institute (CGPI), a think-tank established three years ago to provide information on China’s rapidly expanding philanthropic sector and training programs for foundation executives as well knowledge exchange, reporting and monitoring on the sector which currently totals 7,000 foundations.

China Global Philanthropy Institute was founded by five Chinese and US philanthropists, Bill Gates, Ray Dalio, Niu Gensheng, He Qiaonyu and Ye Qingjun. The Institute receives funds from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Beijing Dalio Public Welfare Foundation, Lao Niu Foundation, Beijing Qiaonyu Foundation and Zhejiang Dunhe Foundation.

Included in the pictures are Haoming Huang, Vice President of China Global Philanthropy Institute, Arushi Terway, Senior Lead Research Associate of NORRAG, Megan Haggerty, Coordinator of the International Education Funders Group, Alicia WU, Senior Analyst of China Global Philanthropy Institute, Irene Bao, Deputy Executive Director, China Global Philanthropy Institute, Jin HE, Professor of China Global Philanthropy Institute, Joost Monks, Executive Director of NORRAG, Haoyin Wu, Yanni Wang, and others.

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