Furthering the Bilingual Revolution on Capitol Hill!

Joining the Joint National Committee on Languages and the National Council for Languages and International Affairs (JNCL-NCLIS) is an important step to further the Bilingual Revolution on Capitol Hill and share our voice at the highest level of the United States of America. JNCL-NCLIS unites a national network of leading organizations and businesses comprised of over 300,000 language professionals to advocate for equitable language learning opportunities.Together we can promote multilingualism, empower multilingual families and linguistic communities, and foster cross-cultural understanding while establishing language as a critical life skill, through developing and implementing strong education programs, promoting diversity, and reducing inequality.

As President of the Center for the Advancement of Languages, Education, and Communities – CALEC, I am thrilled to join the Joint National Committee on Languages and the National Council for Languages and International Affairs (JNCL-NCLIS) and support President Amanda Seewald’s vision of supporting language educators and professionals, and advocating for equitable world language learning opportunities for all students.


As a national network, JNCL-NCLIS ensures your voice is heard when laws are made that affect the Language Enterprise. If you work in languages in any way, your organization or company should be a member. JNCL-NCLIS fosters ongoing dialogue with key stakeholders and officials about why languages matter for the 21st Century. Membership allows your voice to be included in collective advocacy and lobbying for language education policy. 

JNCL-NCLIS’s mission and vision: “Ensure that Americans have the opportunity to learn English and at least one other language:… We envision a world where the language enterprise facilitates the free movement of people, information, and ideas; builds mutual understanding and acceptance of cultural and linguistic diversity; and promotes the personal development of the individual.”

CALEC’s mission is to empower multilingual families and linguistic communities through education, knowledge, and advocacy. With headquarters in New York (on 59th street and Lexington Avenue) and Paris (198 Avenue de France), and representatives in 25 countries, our nonprofit organization furthers the Bilingual Revolution around the world by focusing on multilingualism, cross-cultural understanding, and the dissemination of ideas through book publishing. Support us here.