School Visits in Sharjah and Dubai

During my trip to the Emirates I was invited to visit two Indian schools – Gulf Model School in Dubai and Sharjah Indian School – and address the students. Many had prepared their questions and looked at my bio and website. I enjoyed our exchange and have kept in touch with several students via Instagram.

I had a great visit of Gulf Model School in Dubai. I enjoyed my exchange with the students, most of whom speak a minimum of three languages. They asked about the process of writing books, the challenges, and my motivations to write.

I was equally thrilled to talk to the students of Sharjah Indian School who asked many great questions and showed a keen interest for multilingualism. The school is on two sites and has over 15,000 students (yes, fifteen thousand). Some of the students greeted me in French, others in Arabic, Hindi, or English.

Sometimes I feel like a rockstar!