New Book: Conversations on Bilingualism

This is book 7. Multilingualism will prevail! For linguistic diversity, equity, mutual understanding, tolerance, and peace.

In Conversations on Bilingualism, Dr. Fabrice Jaumont delves deeper into the topics of bilingualism, bilingual education, and cognitive development through a series of conversations with world-renown experts from the Americas, Europe, and Africa: Ana Ines Ansaldo, Ellen Bialystok, Mbacké Diagne, Ofelia García, François Grosjean, and Christine Hélot. Written as a follow up to The Bilingual Revolution: The Future of Education is in Two Languages, this book expands on the work of the author to advance multilingualism, empower multilingual families and linguistic communities, and foster cross-cultural understanding. This book also advocates for language as a critical life skill through the development and the implementation of strong education programs, the promotion of diversity, and a decided battle against inequality.

Cover art: Raymond Verdaguer
Photo credit: Nicolas Serra
Special thanks: The Center for the Advancement of Languages, Education, and Communities, Renata Somar, Skip Hale, Teboho Moja, Jane Ross, Nathalie Charles, Darcey Hale, Julie Hallac, Gabrielle Amar, Christine Helot, Mbacké DIAGNE, Ellen Bialystok, François Grosjean, Ana Ines Ansaldo, Ofelia García.

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Conversations on Bilingualism