[video] My Interview for NORRAG – Relationship Between American Foundations and Universities in Africa

Last November, I was in Geneva to present my research on philanthropy and education, as well as my book Unequal Partners, at the Inaugural Symposium, “Philanthropy on Education: Global Trends, Regional Differences and Diverse Perspectives.” Below is an interview I gave after my presentation, “Reconsidering development: Rethinking the relationship between American foundations and universities in Africa.”


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[FR] La Révolution bilingue dans une ville multilingue : Genève

Lors de mon séjour en Suisse pour participer au Symposium on Philanthropy in Education (article en anglais), j’ai eu la chance de pouvoir rencontrer Sami Kanaan, Conseiller administratif en charge du Département de la culture et du sport à la ville de Genève et discuter avec lui d’éducation multilingue. J’ai pu ainsi mieux comprendre les enjeux éducatifs d’une ville comme Genève où tous les enfants grandissent en parlant plusieurs langues.  Continue reading

The Bilingual Revolution in Multilingual Geneva

While I was in Switzerland for the Symposium on Philanthropy in Education, I was honored to meet Sami Kanaan, Geneva City Commissioner for Culture and Sports and discuss multilingual education with him.  I was able to understand more about the city of Geneva where all children grow up multilingual. Continue reading

A New Forum to Discuss Empirical Research on Philanthropy and Education

I was recently in Switzerland to present my research on philanthropy and education as well as my book Unequal Partners at the Inaugural Symposium “Philanthropy on Education: Global Trends, Regional Differences and Diverse Perspectives.” The Symposium, which took place at The Graduate Institute in Geneva on November 22-24, was the perfect place to discuss issues related to philanthropy in education.

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Swiss Choregrapher at P.S. 133 William A. Butler School in Brooklyn

Swiss Choreographer Marie-Christine Giordano presented her unique approach to movement and contemporary dance – in French – to P.S.133 William A. Butler School‘s French dual language program students in Brooklyn, as part of the “Adopt a School” initiative (here sponsored by the Consulate of Switzerland in New York)

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