Unequal Partners Reviewed in the Philanthropy & Education Journal

Kyle A. Long wrote a great review of my book, Unequal Partners: American Foundations and Higher Education Development in Africa in the recently-launched journal, Philanthropy & Education, put together by Professor Noah Drezner of Columbia University, Indiana University Press and Teachers College. Here is an extract of the review. You can subscribe to the journal by visiting  this webpage.

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A New Forum to Discuss Empirical Research on Philanthropy and Education

I was recently in Switzerland to present my research on philanthropy and education as well as my book Unequal Partners at the Inaugural Symposium “Philanthropy on Education: Global Trends, Regional Differences and Diverse Perspectives.” The Symposium, which took place at The Graduate Institute in Geneva on November 22-24, was the perfect place to discuss issues related to philanthropy in education.

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The Bilingual Revolution: Adopt a Translation Campaign!

Today is International Translation Day which is celebrated every year on September 30 to show solidarity of the worldwide translation community in an effort to promote the translation profession in different countries. This is an opportunity to display pride in a profession that is becoming increasingly essential in the era of progressing globalization.

To mark this day, I have decided to give my new book for free both in its original English and its French ebook editions for everyone who will contribute to The Bilingual Revolution’s  Adopt a Translation campaign.  The campaign’s goal is to translate The Bilingual Revolution in 8 languages: Arabic, Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, and Spanish. Continue reading

Bruno Bich, Chairman & CEO, BIC Group, endorses The Bilingual Revolution: The Future of Education is in Two Languages

As chair of a global corporation, I know first-hand how crucial mastering languages is for communicating with and understanding managers, clients, and consumers from all over the world. This is only made possible by the knowledge of multiple languages. Fabrice Jaumont’s powerful book, The Bilingual Revolution, shows how empowering multilingual education can be for our youth, showcasing a very promising trend in the United States. A must-read for anyone interested in the future of education.

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Unequal Partners reviewed by Robert Nolan for Carnegie Reporter

Robert Nolan, executive director of communications and content strategy at Carnegie Corporation of New York, reviewed my book Unequal Partners: American Foundations and Higher Education Development in Africa for Carnegie Reporter. Continue reading

Documentary On the Way to School

We often forget that school is a gift. The story of these four children will make you appreciate this fact. It will also touch your heart. Here is why you should watch ON THE WAY TO SCHOOL. Below, I have also listed several activities for the classroom and for home, as well as theaters where you can catch the movie.

ON THE WAY TO SCHOOL features 4 children who live in different corners of the world, but who share the same thirst for learning. They understand that only education will allow them a better future and that is why every day, they must set out on the long and perilous journey that will lead them to knowledge. Continue reading

Institutionalization of French Heritage language Education in U.S. School Systems: the French Heritage language Program in The Routledge Handbook of Heritage Language Education

I co-wrote a chapter in the newly issued Routledge Handbook of Heritage Language Education with Jane Ross and Benoît Le Dévédec: Institutionalization of French Heritage language Education in U.S. School Systems, the French Heritage language Program. Continue reading

Swiss Choregrapher at P.S. 133 William A. Butler School in Brooklyn

Swiss Choreographer Marie-Christine Giordano presented her unique approach to movement and contemporary dance – in French – to P.S.133 William A. Butler School‘s French dual language program students in Brooklyn, as part of the “Adopt a School” initiative (here sponsored by the Consulate of Switzerland in New York)

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Presentation of Unequal Partners at the 2017 Annual Global Affairs Conference of Rutgers University

I was invited to speak at the 2017 Global Affairs Conference organized by the Rutgers Division of Global Affairs (DGA) and The Student Association of Global Affairs (SAGA) in Newark, NJ on April 21. The theme was “Dynamics of Global Inequality: New Thinking in Global Affairs.” I presented my work and my book Unequal Partners in the panel “Tracing the Roots of Oppression,”  alongside Professor Taja Nia Henderson (Rutgers Law School), Dr. Miloš Hrnjaz (University of Belgrade), and Tyler Huether (Embry-Riddle).
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Unequal Partners: Teaching Resources

I created powerpoints based on my book Unequal Partners: American Foundations and Higher Education Development in Africa (Palgrave, 2016) to use in classrooms (copyright Fabrice Jaumont).

The book Unequal Partners:

  • Offers a flesh and bone approach to international development for a wide audience, including international organizations, governmental agencies and NGOs involved in international assistance
  • Provides insights into building the educational capital of developing countries
  • Analyzes the role of American philanthropy abroad and its impact on higher education in Sub-Saharan Africa

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