Fabrice Jaumont is the author of Unequal Partners: American Foundations and Higher Education Development in Africa (Palgrave-MacMillan, 2016). His upcoming book, The Bilingual Revolution, focuses on the development of dual language and immersion programs in public schools in the United States.

Fabrice Jaumont holds a Ph.D. in International Education from New York University. His research finds itself at the intersection of comparative and international education, cultural and linguistic preservation, philanthropy, cultural diplomacy, and international development. He currently serves as Program Officer for FACE Foundation in New York, and as Education Attaché for the Embassy of France to the United States.


Honors & Awards

In recognition of his various involvements in education, Fabrice Jaumont was honored with several awards including the Cultural Diversity Award; the Academic Palms; and the Medal of Honor. His work received the accolades of various news media, including the front page of the New York Times in January 2014.

Prix de la Diversité Culturelle

Presented by the Organisation International de la Francophonie and Committee of French-Speaking Ambassadors to the United Nations
New York, NY – March 2016

Medal of Appreciation

Presented by the Committee of French-speaking Societies (CAFUSA
New York, NY – December 2014<

Chevalier in the French Order of Academic Palms

Presented by the French Ministry of Education
New York, NY – April 2012