The Burlington Bilingual Initiative

I recently took part in a broadcast panel discussion on bilingual education at the CCTV Center for Media & Democracy (Channel 17) in Burlington, Vermont, to both present my book, The Bilingual Revolution, and support efforts to create a bilingual educational experience in the school system of Burlington. Host Steve Norman, Francophile and activist, took part in this discussion alongside Congo-born Cleophace Mukeba, Vermont Ibutwa Initiative founder, and Burlington City Council President Jane Knodell. Continue reading

[FR] La Révolution bilingue, ce qu’en dit Michel Robitaille, ancien Représentant personnel du Premier Ministre du Québec pour la Francophonie

Et si le français regagnait ses lettres de noblesses aux États-Unis ? Inlassable promoteur de l’enseignement bilingue accessible à tous, Fabrice Jaumont a fait le pari que c’était possible, jusque dans les quartiers populaires de New-York. Son secret, l’engagement citoyen et la mobilisation de parents francophones et francophiles.  Ce livre est une réelle inspiration pour celles et ceux qui militent pour l’enseignement du français et le rayonnement de la Francophonie dans les Amériques.

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Burlington, VT: A City’s Strategy to Develop Economically through Language Education

I was interviewed by Steve Norman for a Burlington cable TV channel. The City Council of Burlington, VT is promoting French friendliness towards its visitors, and a French dual language program is being considered for one of the local elementary schools. I spoke about my background in bilingual education, presented a few examples of dual language programs in Utah, Massachusetts, and New York, and talked about the Bilingual Revolution -both the movement and the book that I am currently writing. I also discussed various options to consider when implementing a French dual language program. Continue reading

The Impact of Bilingualism on Aging: A Conversation with Ana Ines Ansaldo

A few days ago, I was very fortunate to spend time with Ana Ines Ansaldo, who kindly visited me in Willsboro, on beautiful Lake Champlain, where I am working on my book, The Bilingual Revolution.  Dr. Ansaldo is a professor at the School of Speech Therapy and Audiology at the University of Montreal where she heads the Language, Communication, and Aging Laboratory. She is also the Director of Teaching at the Geriatric Institute of Montreal. Her research focuses on the aging brain and language processing. She combines functional magnetic resonance imaging with tools from cognitive neuropsychology and communication sciences and disorders, so as to study neuroplasticity mechanisms supporting the recovery of language abilities, disrupted by stroke or dementia. Continue reading

[video] Conference “My Culture, Your Culture: International Education for Success in the 21st Century”

How do you identify yourself? Are you American? French? Mexican? Latino? African? Haitian? Canadian? Quebecois? As the world becomes increasingly integrated and interconnected, cultural identity has taken on new meaning and importance. The ability to understand our own culture and the cultural heritage of others is essential for our shared humanity. It is also a powerful asset in a world that is increasingly more interconnected and competitive.

On Saturday, April 12, we examined these topics at the Lycée Français de New York with leading educators, policy makers, entrepreneurs and practitioners from around the world. The conference “My Culture, Your Culture: International Education for Success in the 21st Century” explored cultural identity and diversity, and how best to prepare our students for success in the future. You can watch the video of the different panels below. Continue reading