The Japanese-English Dual Language Program in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Multilingual kids from all socio-economic and racial backgrounds thriving in a Japanese-English dual-language program. In Bushwick! In a public school! For free! This is a no-brainer. Dual language programs are for everyone. They should be offered everywhere. And it shouldn’t … Continue reading

Building Bridges: Brooklyn’s First Korean Dual Language Program Initiative

Last Saturday, I met with a group of parents willing to create Brooklyn’s first Korean dual language program. I was thrilled to share some ideas with this group as well as help them understand what steps to follow in order … Continue reading

[DE] Eine Radiosendung über das „trilinguale Projekt“. Kostenloser Deutschunterricht an einer Grundschule in Brooklyn.

Hören Sie hier, die von der ARD produzierte Reportage über den ersten kostenlosen deutschen Sprachunterricht an einer öffentlichen Grundschule in New York. Alle Erstklässler, die in diesem Jahr an der P.S 18 in Brooklyn mit „Kindergarten“ im Alter von ca. fünf … Continue reading

Book Party at The Invisible Dog Art Center in Brooklyn

Back In Brooklyn where everything began! It was here that, 10 years ago, the first French dual language program was launched at P.S. 58. Many programs followed after that in French, Russian, Japanese, German, Italian, Chinese, Polish, Arabic. More programs … Continue reading

[DE] Kostenloser Zusatzunterricht “Deutsch”, ab September 2017 an der öffentlichen Grundschule P.S. 18 (Brooklyn)

Als ich Sylvia Wellhöfer, eine deutsche Mutter, die in Brooklyn wohnt, zum ersten Mal traf, hatte sie gerade von dem etablierten französischen Dual-Language-Programm an der P.S. 110 (Greenpoint, Brooklyn) erfahren. Sie war überzeugt von der Methode und gründete im Sommer … Continue reading

The first German Language Enrichment Program Starts in September at P.S. 18 (Brooklyn)

When I met Sylvia Wellhöfer, a German mother living in Brooklyn, a few years ago, she had just learned about the newly opened French dual-language program at PS110 in Greenpoint (Brooklyn), and was interested in bringing the first German dual … Continue reading

The Language and Laughter Studio in Brooklyn

Today I visisted The Language and Laughter Studio founded by Pascale Setbon in 2005.  The Language and Laughter Studio is a bilingual pre-school in the heart of downtown Brooklyn.  They are pioneers in bilingual education!  The believe in progressive language … Continue reading

Swiss Choregrapher at P.S. 133 William A. Butler School in Brooklyn

Swiss Choreographer Marie-Christine Giordano presented her unique approach to movement and contemporary dance – in French – to P.S.133 William A. Butler School‘s French dual language program students in Brooklyn, as part of the “Adopt a School” initiative (here sponsored … Continue reading

French Minister Vallini awards Label “FrancEducation” to P.S. 110 in Brooklyn

French Minister André Vallini awarded the Label FrancEducation to P.S. 110 The Monitor School in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and its principal, Anna Cano Amato. Created in 2011, the label is given to schools that champion the French language and cultures of … Continue reading